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How to Enjoy the Brawl Stars Rank Song Download Feature and Listen to Your Favorite Brawlers

In the game, when we play a brawler we can definitely thought that certain brawler would resembles to something something in a certain way (like theme songs and others) and in the case we felt that the brawler has a theme song just like in the anime style where the major characters has their own theme song. This page will show that what brawler resembles to what theme song and how they resembles with the reasons. This is an opinion based page on what i think on which brawler i think that their theme song is.

brawl stars rank song download

The theme songs are based on a brawlers (in original thoughts), and not brawlers based on theme songs but its arranged by theme songs to make easier to read and right now there seems that there are no brawlers who has more than one theme songs yet. The notable mentions are the brawlers and the theme song are somehow related/ or resemles him/her/it in some way, but the song is just not fitting enough fot that brawler so it will not be the actual theme song for that brawler, just a mention of them.

Reason: Crow and Brock and Barley in common are the brawlers who are the ones more likely to go the bar to do their business, crow is a bird who is more of a gangster orientated brawler and brock likes to do his dances in the bar and barley is the main man who serves in the bar with those music playing. For poco his ability to play songs with his guitar is definitely music themed however his genre isint so jazz.

Reason: Their nature aspects of each of them is what fits them into this like nature themed song, but in a very different way compared to the jungle (hills themed not jungle themed) and this song also have whistling parts involved (only before march 2018). Spike is a cactus plant who is major-ly involved in the outdoors area and his walking style perfectly fits into this song, and for jessie she is a hillbilly based brawler who lived on a nature based area which indicates on how she grows up, and for mike his involvement with the outdoors area is huge since he typically goes outside and blows up stuffs not necessarily limited to the deserted areas.

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