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Where To Buy Reclaimed Lumber

Our authentic Antique Reclaimed Lumber has truly lived a previous life. Taken from aged structures such as 1800's Barn or 1900's Factory or a 2000's snow fence. All of this reclaimed lumber has endured years of use and is ready to be placed into use once again.

where to buy reclaimed lumber

A word to the wise, though: Purchasing reclaimed wood sight-unseen from an independent seller can be risky. You could end up with some partially rotted or insect-infested lumber. Reclaimed wood from a large dealer is more likely to be FSC-certified. Though some of it may be ugly, it will all be usable.

New England is the home of countless old wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings that are the source for beautiful reclaimed wood that will be perfect for homes in Boston, Massachusetts.

Then there are the unique properties of reclaimed wood, including its physical appearance. Reclaimed wood has been gently weathered and features unique coloring, fascinating knotholes and wear patterns, insect markings, and old nail holes that add character and charm to the wood. Properly recycled and processed for modern use, the beauty and functionality of reclaimed wood is unmatched.

Located in the heart of North Carolina, we are a family-owned and operated business that uses locally sourced wood and reclaimed materials to create custom furniture pieces rich in character. We cut lumber on our own sawmill, dry it in our own kiln, and process it on vintage machinery that fills our 70,000 square foot facility.

Our wide selection of reclaimed wood from around the world ensures we have options to fit your design. Typically warehousing over a million and a half board feet of reclaimed wood of all sizes means we can supply both large and small jobs in a wide range of appearances. From rustic to contemporary, we have the material that can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Reclaimed wood, also known as antique wood or vintage timber, is recycled lumber that is reused to provide a sustainable solution for homes and commercial establishments. Its rustic style and unique characteristics have made it a popular choice by decorators, architects and property owners to enhance the appeal of business premises as well as design modern homes. Reclaimed wood is a great material for flooring, beams, planking, mantels, and siding.

Design Considerations: Client needed large table for open concept farmhouse remodel. She chose a simple four post table with 4 inch aprons. We beefed up the legs by using genuine reclaimed barn beams to match the scale of the massive 4x9 ft top.

Every piece we create is unique and made with intention. We make custom mantels, wall siding, and accent walls using reclaimed wood. If your project requires something specific like barn wood with patina or reclaimed wood milled as tongue and groove siding, our staff will locate and price it for you. We also offer custom milling services, and we can mill anything to your specific needs.

We were looking for reclaimed material to work into our new home build and what we found at Vintage Reclaimed Lumber was exactly what we needed. We were able to find several similar pieces that worked together so well. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

My husband and I wanted to build a table for our grandkids and after looking around for a few days, we found Vintage Reclaimed Lumber. They were so helpful allowing us to look through their lumber yard and find a few pieces.

The Barnyard Boys provide customers with timeless antique treasures and reclaimed barn wood of all species. Our selection of rustic barnwood, vintage antiques, architectural items, sliding barn doors, custom furniture, reclaimed materials, and more has been used by homeowners, builders, and in commercial spaces.

Whether you are looking to add a new reclaimed wood accent wall in your home, or are looking to add charm and personality with the warmth of antique, reclaimed wood to design a restaurant, an office building or hotel - Vintage Harvest has what you need.

Founded in 2008, Eagle Reclaimed Lumber was the brainchild of Michael Watson, who buys old barns and buildings, refurbishes the antique lumber and sells it to be made into everything from hardwood flooring and cabinets to entertainment centers and countertops.

If you are interested in buying antique lumber, or if you know of an old barn that needs to be removed, you can contact Eagle Reclaimed Lumber at (615) 427-9759 or online at

I bought A historical house in Franklin , Ky early 1800s very large and I have been working on it for 6 yrs now. Over the summer I took a job helping take down some old barns in the area. The sole reason I wanted to do it was for the wood . I have since gone on to open my own buisness doing it myself. I will have more wood than I would ever dream of using . I wanted to see if you purchased lumber, and what kinds, and what your rates were. Thank you, Tammy Wiseman

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Make your space tell a storyOur ProductsGet in touch use reclaimed lumberfor your next projectOur customers can rest assured that every inch of material they receive is usable and meets our stringent quality standard. There is so much usable wood already existing in the world, it just needs to be freshened up for reuse, that is where we come in. We deliver reclaimed lumber to Montana, Oregon, Texas and beyond.

So what exactly is reclaimed or salvage lumber, and what is the appeal? Salvaged lumber is wood that has been saved and repurposed from previous use, which can be old apartment buildings, schools, gyms, barns, pickle vats, or wine barrels.

The environmental case for salvage and reclaimed lumber might be a compelling one, but perhaps the most popular reasons for selecting the old product are looks and quality. In many cases, reclaimed lumber come from old structures that may be 100 or 150 years old. Most likely, the wood was harvested from old-growth trees (sometimes 200 or 300 years old) that grew at a slower rate so the stock is exceptionally dense, stable, and good looking.

While salvaged lumber most often come old decommissioned structures, some come from logs that have been recovered in rivers in the Midwest and the South. Goodwin Heart Pine in Micanopy, Fla., is a company that specializes in responsibly harvested new wood as well as antique wood that has been reclaimed from old structures. But the company is also known for supplying river-recovered heart cypress and heart pine. As the company explains it, cypress trees commonly lived to be 1,000 to 1,500 years old. Logged 150+ years ago, these original-growth Bald Cypress trees were true giants of the southeastern swamps, towering more 100 feet, the company says.

Residential construction pros who are interested in salvaged, reclaimed, and recovered lumber have their pick. Over the years, the number of lumber dealers and suppliers that offer reclaimed wood has only grown. But construction pros need to be aware: cost can be a concern. 041b061a72

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