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Gratis Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 English Full 2021

With this game the player will be immersed deeply into the historically tempestuous world of Three Kingdoms where you will experience the ultimate drama of humans in the battlefield and off the field. The battles depicted in this game are in majestic scenes in full 3D. You will be one of the heroes of the era and during the course of the game your decisions will decide your fate. You can become legend of the three kingdoms or any ordinary one. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 PC Game has got awe-inspiring graphics and you will surely enjoy this game. You can also download Her Story.

Gratis Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 English Full

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Three types of councils can be held, force, district, and city. Force councils determine the focus of an entire faction, prompting most allied characters to cooperate in completing the goal. District councils can only be held for a viceroy's district, which must be established by the leader of a faction. Only the reasons under the control of the chosen viceroy can contribute to successfully completing this type of council. City councils are held for individual cities, only factoring in their own efforts and capacities. All three types of councils give one year for their policy to be fulfilled, but they can be finished early, allowing a new one to be appointed in its place. Councils are held at the city the faction leader occupies.

Both the War and Intelligence stat can be increased by winning duels and debates respectively. Both contests involve a variation of rock, paper, scissors mechanics and last for five rounds or until one character's health bar is depleted. Duels follow a system of Defend beats Attack, Attack beats Unbalance, and Unbalance beats Defend. Since defend does not actually do any damage, successfully blocking an attack with it grants the player or foe one of three possible points. Each point adds or increases the power of a fourth attack, overpower, which always wins against attack and unbalance. At the beginning of the duel, both the player and their opponent will choose all five of their turns at once, attempting to predict the other's decisions. Victory in a duel can earn up to ten experience points in the player's war stat. 350c69d7ab

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