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Airbox PRO Broadcast Playout Software \/\/FREE\\\\

PlayBox Neo is also introducing newintegrated in/output architecturewhich can be shared between AirBox Neo servers and the recently introduced Capture Suite. Connectivity features include an NDI output, AJA output plug-in and AJA input plug-ins plus an HLS input. Simultaneous outputs can be delivered in a choice of video standards and frame rates. On the fly interactive control over any input/output plug-in is also provided.

Airbox PRO Broadcast Playout Software

AirBox NEO features high quality monitor display options with full native scaling for 22 or 40" displays, along with a variety of enhancements to generate a better user experience. The user interface provides a web based interface that can be accessed from any web browser over the internet.

UltraStudio with a Windows build on board is configured as a single product configuration and can be ordered with a Windows build on board. The software is delivered on a dual floppy disk and the Windows image is burned onto the blank floppy before the Windows installation. Then you need to install the Windows drivers onto the floppy. As UltraStudio only allows one single audio input to be used at any time you need to ensure the audio drivers are set to the correct system so that all sound input streams are available in UltraStudio. The disk is then ready to install the software. Note that the system requires 2GB of RAM to install all the required software. You will also need to purchase a network card or printer for the installation process.

UltraStudio can be deployed as a standalone software solution and only requires an installation floppy supplied by Logitec. The UltraStudio installation starts with the media server automatically registering itself in the Windows registry as a Media Server. It will then prompt you to create the UltraStudio Admin account to access the UltraStudio GUI. You are then ready to start configuring UltraStudio.

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