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[S2E8] Blendin's Game ##BEST##

In the year 207̃012, Blendin Blandin escapes the Infinetentiary and is pursued by the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron. Invoking Globnar, a futuristic gladiatorial game controlled by Time Baby, upon capture, he names Mabel and Dipper as tributes to challenge him in the said arena, fueled by his hatred towards them after the events in "The Time Traveler's Pig."

[S2E8] Blendin's Game

The gang (Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Stan, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda) soon enough decide to go to Big Gunz Laser Tag. Everyone enters the game, but Soos stops to tie his shoe. As he does so, Dipper and Mabel run through a portal into the future and get trapped in a room made of timetanium. Blendin shows up with Lolph and Dundgren from the future and brings them to Globnar. They watch Globnar Tributes fight, and are horrified when they see one get erased from existence. They are told that if Blendin wins, then he chooses the fate of the twins (which he swore to wish they were never born) and, in addition, would be granted any wish he so desired, paradox-free. They take the tape measure time machine off of one of the time officials escorting Blendin, and travel back in time, but accidentally ten years back to 2002. The twins dive under a bed when the three arrive in the same time period. They land in the mattress store, where the laser tag had been rebuilt many years later. The time device is broken, but Dipper claims he can fix it.

At Soos' birthday party, it is learned that Soos' dad would constantly promise to visit his son, only to go back on his promise at the last minute every time. That year he got a postcard from him, in New Orleans, and it was the year he realized that his dad was never coming back. Dipper and Mabel develop an idea to grant Soos whatever wish he wanted if they completed and won Globnar. The twins give themselves up to Blendin and do the games. Not much of a fighting scene is given, but there is a race, chess, and a cyclops. 041b061a72

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