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NHL 2004: Russian Hockey League Download PC Game

Ice hockey is a fast-paced, physical winter sport. It's popular all across Europe and Russia and is one of the four major sports in North America. Different forms of hockey have appeared on numerous video games over the years. The following is a list of ice hockey games for each Nintendo gaming system.

NHL 2004: Russian Hockey League Download PC Game


This year's edition of the game has also seen the return of the alternate jersey with a verification code as well expanded rosters such as the O2 Extraliga and the Russian Superleague. (Russian Superleague is currently defunct, replaced by the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL); the game was developed before the KHL was formed)

In the PlayStation 2 and PC version of NHL 09, there is a Be a Pro Mode in NHL 09 where you create a player or use a rookie NHL player and take him in the NHL (also included in EA Sports NBA Live and FIFA Soccer/Football series and is similar to Madden's Superstar Mode), new rookie controls, European dynasty leagues, all-new tutorial videos, and authentic NHL gameplay.

NHL 09 now includes the German DEL, the Czech Extraliga, the Swedish Elitserien, the Finnish SM-liiga, and the Russian Superleague, with the latter now defunct, replaced by the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), though not featured in the game.

Just like the previous two entries in the series, the PC version was not developed to be equivalent to the next generation (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) versions, and is a port of the PlayStation 2 version. It was also the second PC version (including NHL 08) to be developed by HB Studios instead of EA. This resulted in graphics below the next generation versions and a notable lack of support for controllers and widescreen resolutions. NHL 09 was the last EA Sports-based hockey game released for the PC as well as the PlayStation 2. 041b061a72

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