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Fitbit Alta Hr Buy

It's the only good looking fitbit. I would like the brightness fixed so I can read it in daylight. How about 4 taps for extra bright? Font size is fine and I wear reading glasses. I don't care about a button either way, (extra long push for extra bright?). I finally bought a fitbit when I saw the Alta HR on a friend. I wear it exclusively even though I can't read it in daylight. I don't see another fitbit I'd wear

fitbit alta hr buy


Absolutely agree. It's the only Fitbit I've been happy with. I have smaller wrist & like the thinner bands. It had all the features needed & the battery lasted. I finally upgraded to the charge 5 & I hate it! I've only had it since Xmas. It's not accurate at all. The battery life is horrible. I even ordered thinner bands. I wouldve bought another alta HR. I was bummed to see the lack of anywhere to get a new one. This is the 3rd Fitbit I tried that's supposed to be " better" but they are losing a loyal customer & I don't feel any new products have held up like the alta had. 041b061a72

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