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Skachat Mod Not Enough Items

Similar to the Too Many Items Mod, the Not Enough Items Mod (NEI) is a mod that adds an in-game inventory editor, allowing you to quickly and easily spawn items, blocks, mobs and everything else in the game, in whatever game mode you like.

skachat mod not enough items

So I want this mod for 1.6.4 that's called not enough items or just enough items. there are versions for 1.6.4 but when I put it in my mod folder it crashes. And lets say I do download one that doesn't crash when I start I go into Minecraft click on mods I see its there and then when I press e looking for it to be there its not there please help

Every Minecraft player knows how huge the inventory of items exists in the game. It can often be confusing to keep track of or find a particular item if you do not have any specific mods for it. This issue was gone long ago because now, there are some mods that you can use to maintain and keep track of all your stuff in Minecraft, specifically, the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 Mod.

So for the said requirements, you should download the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 or any other version of this mod depending on your Minecraft version. The not enough items mod is one of the best utility mods that was ever released for the game. Whenever you open your inventory, you can find this mod which helps to view recipes, manage every item that you obtain in-game, and you can even use it to spawn those said items.

Just go to your inventory and scroll through all your items, and when you see an item that you want, just press R and you will see recipes that use that item. Since a particular item should be used to make multiple recipes, Just scroll through them using your arrow keys.

I used the term almost because you cannot find items that do not have text in their name. Click on the search bar and type whatever item you are looking for, and if you want to space, then right-click on it.

Every item in the inventory of Minecraft is categorized and placed into certain sets or subsets. To find these subsets, use the radio button. This can be seen on top of the NEI screen, and it will drop a menu of items placed in multiple sets.

Any item placed in a particular set can be shown on the screen when you click on a set. To remove those items back in the set, use the right-click. To find a particular item in a specific set you can Shift-click on a set which then displays @setname below the search bar. Use that to find an item in a particular set.

With NEI mod, you can use the cheat mode to get unlimited resources and features from your items in the game. Though in the server, this feature only applies to the player and not the whole team. Also, with the creative mode, you change/make/destroy any block in your map.

The Item Search Box is the black bordered rectangle at the bottom. Only items that contain the text in the Item Search field will be shown in the Item Pane. The search box must be clicked on to start typing. Right clicking on the search box will clear it instantly. It is not case sensitive. Any search terms will be saved and loaded when you restart minecraft.

The search box also supports wildcards * (any string of characters) and ? (any one character) as well as the complicated java.regex pattern matcher. As an example Bl?ck shows names containing Black and Block. Also ^Block would show items starting with block such as Block Breaker and block$ would show items ending with block such as noteblock or diamond block.

The Item Subsets button is a dropdown menu containing many different grouped sets of items. Clicking on a set will show all the items it contains and right clicking will hide them all. Double clicking on a set will show only the items in that set.

If you rightclick on the Item Subsets button the buttons for saving subsets will appear. These function identically to the normal save states, renaming, saveloaddelete, but they will save and load the items you have hidden and shown.

The Cheat Mode button toggles between Cheat Mode and Recipe Mode. Recipe mode is for playing legit and just using the recipe book component. The save states and cheat buttons will disappear and the Item panel will not spawn items into your inventory.

Ctrl clicking on any item in your inventory will give you more of it, just as if you clicked on it in the Item Pane. If you pick up an item and hold shift while placing it in a container then all items of that type you have in your inventory will also be put in alongside the placed item. Useful for transferring all your cobblestone to a chest in one go.

Everything that you can do in SSP can be done in SMP if the server has NEI installed. If not then NEI can still spawn items using the give command if you are an OP. Most of the features are only enabled for OPs.

Just Enough Items mod adds a new awesome menu to the inventory panel, where you can browse all the items, blocks, weapons and etc. Mod's main outstanding feature is showing you the craft recipies of any item/block you select, and see what they are used for. Apart from that you can also know how particular potion is made. One additional functionality the mod comes with is the ability to move the craft recipe directly to the crafting table (crafting table must be open for that). To do so, just press the + button below the craft recipe. Overall the mod is made to considerably easy the gameplay of any minecraft player and to help them save a lot of time. It is done very easy to navigate through the craft recipes and the usages of items. What also makes the mod unique is its compatibility with any other mods, which means that you can see the craft recipes of any material that other mods add!

To see the craft recipies of a particular material, select the item from the right JEI menu, and click the left mouse button. To see what this item/block is used for, click the right mouse button. You can also search for items using the search area in the bottom right corner.

You can also use this mod to craft and smelt items obtained from mining, chest or mobs in the field. This mod is incredibly useful when you are creating materials for quests or if you have any particular item you want to create!

0) You can open the mod by clicking on the FNEI button in the upper left corner or by pressing ctrl + E1) Then you need to choose for items or for liquid you need to look recipes. In this example, the search is for an item. Click on the appropriate choose-button2) Select the required item3) Choose what you want to see: recipes where the item is used as an ingredient (Usage button) or as a product (Craft button)4) In order not to constantly press the same button (point 3), you can select the default button by ticking the corresponding checkbox. After installing the checkbox, immediately after selecting the item (point 2) you will receive a Recipe / Usage for the selected item.

This search is performed by in-game names and may not display certain items. Please use the previous search method in this case.1) Select the "FNEI search" tab 2) Enter the name of the item or liquid3) We hover the mouse over the found item or liquid and press the right or left mouse button. Recipes where the item or fluid is used as an ingredient (Right mouse button) or as a product (Left mouse button). By analogy, you can open recipes for items and liquids displayed in gui recipes (first picture in this description).

Not Enough Items (or NEI for short) is a core utility mod and a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It appears in-game whenever the Players Inventory or other GUI that contains an inventory is opened, and allows a Player to view crafting recipes and usages of the majority of the items in the FTB Modpacks. The GUI of the mod can be quickly enabled and disabled with the "O" key by default.

The Item Search Box is the black bordered rectangle at the bottom of the inventory screen. Only items that contain the text in the Item Search field will be shown in the Item Pane (the grid on the right side of the NEI screen). The search box must be first clicked on to start typing. Right-clicking on the search box will clear it ready for typing. Input is not case sensitive. Any search terms will be saved and loaded when the Player restarts Minecraft. If the search box is double-clicked, it will turn yellow and highlight items on the screen that fit the search typed inside the box. To turn this off and return to non-highlighting mode, simply double-click the search box again.

By adding a @ before the search string, it is possible to search for items by subset (see below). For example, @armor will display all armor-like items, @combat will show everything from the "Combat" creative tab, and @forestry will show all items from Forestry, its creative tabs, and Plugins for Forestry.

The Item Subsets radio button on the top of the NEI screen is a drop down menu containing many different grouped sets of items. Clicking on a set will show all the items it contains and Right-clicking will hide them all. Double-clicking on a set will show only the items of that set. Shift-clicking on a set will type @setname into the search bar which will make the Item Pane show only items in that set.

By selecting the Creative mode in the NEI settings, the Player's gamemode is changed to creative and gains control over more in-game functions and complete damage immunity.With the Cheat mode, the Player gains unlimited resources by clicking on the items in Item Pane [2]. Added functions are described below.

When Trash mode (trash can icon) is enabled, clicking an item will delete it. Shift-clicking on an item will delete all the items of that type from the inventory including an open GUI inventory, such as a chest.

When Just Enough Items is installed with Twilight Forest, all recipes regarding the Twilight Forest will be visible. Along with this, the Uncrafting Table is treated similarly to a Crafting Table, so items can be transferred to an Uncrafting Table via the Crafting recipes menu. 041b061a72

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