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The Great Prank War APK

While basic minions can be mostly ignored, victory is assured when you defeat each stage's 'pranking machines' - glue guns that slow you down, tomato shooters, egg launchers, and fart blasters that take potshots at you.

The great prank war APK

Destroy a pranking machine and you can replace it with your own, all but halting the gradual progress of mindless minions on their way to your base. That base takes the shape of Benson's car, and you can repair it by tapping an icon if you need to.

With the pranking machines out of the way you're free to take out the stage's base or screen-filling boss, each a mighty contraption that looks and sounds great, but poses no real threat or challenge.

Each of the heroes are specialized in the art of pranking and have at least one cool skill they excel at. Even the towers and defense elements are prank-loaded so expect a whole lot of insane gimmicks including eggs and glue to get deployed. The Great Prank War covers four seasons from fall to summer with each season carrying its unique levels, challenges and boss battles.

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