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[S3E15] My Tongue Is Meat ##BEST##

I loved Saturday night live hosted by Christopher lee, i also love all his films and his singing is awesome it would of been nice he sang instead of meat loaf, i have been a serious follower of Christopher since 1958, i miss him dearly he is simply the best. R I P Christopher until we meet again.

[S3E15] My Tongue is Meat

When Charlie goes to apologize to Mia, he finds that Mia has left and now Ginger lives there. Ginger gives lap dances, likes to place bets on sports, eats meat, smokes, drinks and virtually lives the same lifestyle as Charlie.

"I love Mia, and I want her to be happy, and I happen to know she's not happy when I smoke cigars, and drink and gamble and stay out all night and eat meat and sugar and grease and fat and nap and swear and wear shorts, bowling shirts..."(10.01.2022)

Yes, he's in a self-destructive spiral, but don't forget that Reese is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. He uses his skills (and the website comments) to track down the fraud killer. Alvin (John Billingsley) is on his meds and trying to be good, but Reese pulls a Wormtongue and mentions that Lucifer Morningstar is the biggest fraud ever, and gee, wouldn't it be great if somebody would do something about that?

A regular man becomes a monster and Sam thinks he can be saved, right when Dean learns Sam is working with Ruby. The metaphor is very on the nose and the rugaru transformation and meat eating is super gross.

Michael has a mostly forgotten flirtation with a mystery woman during a Valentine's Day blood drive, but the real meat of this episode revolves around Jim and Pam joining Phyllis and Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) for lunch. Bobby and Phyllis get nasty in the bathroom as the food goes cold and it's proof that Phyllis is the baddest motherfucker in the Scranton Business Park.

It's smart storytelling. Jim himself is about to burst if he doesn't tell something. As a wise song once noted(Opens in a new tab), "When you love somebody and bite your tongue, all you get is a mouth full of blood."

There goes Jeffrey Dahmer with a festive Christmas ham.[Dahmer walks out of a meat store and into the house next door]After he has sex with it, he'll eat up all he can.And there goes John F. Kennedy, caroling with his son.[they stop by to sing with him] 041b061a72

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