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Download And The Angels Sing Fern Michaels Epub

They left the road near the head of the cove, advancing over the fieldson rising ground to the wooded cup of the hills. There was a powerfulmasculine stench of broad dock-leaves, a hot weedy odour. They movedover a pathless field, knee-high in a dry stubbly waste, gathering ontheir clothes clusters of brown cockle-burrs. All the field was sownwith hot odorous daisies. Then they entered the wood again, mountinguntil they came to an island of tender grass, by a little brook thatfell down from the green hill along a rocky ferny bed in brightcascades.

Download And the Angels Sing Fern Michaels epub

It had once been the hermit's bed. And very narrow Gottlieb thought itmust have been for the hermit, for more than once he had been in perilof falling over the side, in his restless tossings. He supposed thehermit was too good to be restless, or perhaps too good for the dearangels to think it good for him to be hungry, as they evidently didthink it good for Gottlieb and Lenichen, or they would be not goodangels at all, to let them hunger so often, not even as kind as theravens which took the bread to Elijah when they were told. For the dearHeavenly Father had certainly told the angels always to take care oflittle children.

"I knew what was wanting!" she said significantly. "The birds and theblessed angels may sing on crumbs or on the waters of Paradise; butgoose and pudding are a great help to the Alleluias here below."

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