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Music Tiles - Magic Tiles: A Music Piano Game with Endless Mode and Challenges

Magic Piano Tiles is the super fun musical arcade game in which quick fingers and musical rhythm is a must! You need to press all of the tiles before they disappear off of the screen to make sure that the songs continue play beautifully with every note hit. If you listen carefully you will recognize the tune and staying in time with the beat will become even easier. Try to hit as many tiles as possible in a row for the ultimate high score. There are plenty of songs to play and if you want even more then try Perfect Piano for another challenge.

Quickly tap just the black tiles as they speed up with each point earned. Tap along to different songs as you play the piano in beat. If you tap wrong or miss a tile then it is game over and your high score will be submitted to the leaderboards. Challenge your friends to see who is the best in this online version of the popular app.

music tiles - magic tiles

Music Tiles 3 is a mobile game developed by Amanotes, one of the known music game publishers. It is a free-to-play piano game where players can virtually tickle the ivory. It has familiar gameplay requiring the players to tap the black tiles and avoid hitting the white ones.

1. Download and install Magic Tiles 3 on your device.2. Choose a song from the available list.3. The game will begin with tiles moving towards the bottom of the screen.4. Tap on the black tiles as they reach the bottom of the screen. Avoid tapping on the white tiles.5. The game ends when you miss three black tiles or tap on a white one.6. You can earn coins by completing songs and using them to unlock new songs or purchase in-game items.

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Magic Tiles is a very popular piano game that will surely delight you with its easy gameplay and beautiful graphics. The aim of the game is to tap the black tiles and avoid the white ones to get a high score and win the challenges.

Regular app based gamers and music lovers are likeley to have come across viral virtual piano game Magic Tiles before, in the game you have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles in order to match the beat of popular tunes. Now with Magic Tiles 3, the game has recently been revamped with brand new futuristic vibrant visuals of the German hit-maker TheFatRat.

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