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Alison's Pretty Little Diary Download 129

In her dream, she hears someone playing the piano which "wakes her up", and looking over she sees herself as a young girl playing the piano. She looks at the child surprised and then notices that Mona is standing next to the piano as a ghost. This startles Alison, and Mona tells her that she knows that Ali told her not to leave the house without her face on, but this was the best she could do as a corpse for her ice ball. Alison insists that it isn't real, and Mona smirks looking over at young-Alison and complimenting her on being a good pianist. Alison realizes that the little girl is her, and Mona asks her if she remembers the day but Ali doesn't. Mona says that it isn't pretty, but she has to see it which confuses Alison. Young-Ali hits a key on the piano but it doesn't make a sound, and curious, she peaks into the piano where she discovers two yellow dresses that are identical.

alison's pretty little diary download 129


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