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Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route With Lucky Patcher

Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route Review

If you are a fan of high-speed trains and French scenery, you might want to check out the Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route add-on for Train Simulator 2016. This route and loco collection brings you the 220 km Atlantic High Speed route from Paris to Tours in stunning detail and also the feature-packed TGV Atlantique train to drive on the route. In this article, we will review the main features and highlights of this add-on and see if it is worth your money and time.

The Route

The Atlantic High Speed route runs between Paris Montparnasse and St-Pierre-des-Corps, Tours, passing through the two high-speed stations at Massy-TGV and Vendome-TGV. The route includes low and high-speed track sections, with a speed limit of 300 km/h on the high-speed sections. As you travel at up to 300 km/h, you will pass through the beautiful landscape south-west of Paris, with numerous custom and animated objects and also winter textures. The route also features expansive freight yards, engine workshops and depots, as well as authentic French railway signalling and signage. The route is Quick Drive enabled, so you can choose any train and destination you like.

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The Train

The TGV Atlantique train is a high-speed electric multiple unit that was introduced in 1989 to operate on the Atlantic High Speed route. The train can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h and has a capacity of 485 passengers. The train is supplied in several liveries, including SNCF, Carmillon, Eurostar and Thalys. The train is equipped with in-cab TVM signalling system, which displays the speed limit and other information on a screen in front of the driver. The train also has an authentic start-up procedure, dual-voltage pantograph operation, cruise control, operating nose covers and custom sounds and passenger views.

The Scenarios

The add-on includes ten Standard scenarios and four Free Roams for you to enjoy. The scenarios range from simple passenger services to complex freight operations, testing your driving skills and knowledge of the route. Some of the scenarios are: - Paris Express: Drive a TGV Atlantique service from Paris Montparnasse to Vendome-TGV, stopping at Massy-TGV on the way. - Tours Freight: Drive a freight train from St-Pierre-des-Corps to Paris Austerlitz, passing through the Atlantic High Speed route. - Winter Wonderland: Drive a Thalys service from Paris Montparnasse to Brussels Midi, in snowy conditions. - Atlantic Record: Try to beat the world speed record of 515.3 km/h, set by a TGV Atlantique train in 1990 on the Atlantic High Speed route.

The Verdict

The Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route add-on is a must-have for any Train Simulator fan who loves high-speed trains and French scenery. The route is very detailed and realistic, with many custom objects and animations. The TGV Atlantique train is very well modelled and simulated, with many features and functions. The scenarios are varied and challenging, offering hours of gameplay. The add-on is compatible with Train Simulator 2016 and later versions.

If you are interested in buying this add-on, you can find it on the Just Trains website for 24.99. However, if you are looking for a way to get it for free or cheaper, you might want to try using a lucky patcher tool. A lucky patcher tool is a software that can modify or hack other applications, such as games or simulators. By using a lucky patcher tool, you might be able to bypass the license verification or payment process of the add-on, and download it for free or at a lower price. However, this method is not recommended or endorsed by us, as it might be illegal or unethical. You should always respect the work of the developers and pay for their products if you enjoy them.

One example of a lucky patcher tool that claims to work with Train Simulator 2016 is [Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route With Lucky Patcher], which you can find on SoundCloud. This tool is supposed to patch the add-on and make it available for free. However, we have not tested this tool and we cannot guarantee its safety or effectiveness. Use it at your own risk and discretion.

That's all for our review of the Railworks TS2016 Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route add-on. We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy railroading!

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