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Champak Story Book in Hindi Full PDF 11

Champak is a popular children's magazine in India that publishes stories, comics, puzzles, jokes, and activities for kids. Champak was first published in 1968 and is available in eight languages, including Hindi. Champak stories are based on the adventures and misadventures of various animal characters that live in Champakvan, a fictional forest. Champak stories are fun, entertaining, educational, and moralistic. They teach children about friendship, kindness, honesty, courage, and respect for others.



Champak story book in Hindi full pdf 11 is a collection of 11 stories from Champak magazine that are written in Hindi. These stories are suitable for children of age group 6 to 12 years. The stories are:

  • भूर बंदर क शैतनयं: This story is about a naughty monkey named Bhura who always troubles other animals in Champakvan with his pranks. He makes fun of his teachers, classmates, and elders. He also steals and spoils things that belong to others. One day, he gets into a serious accident because of his mischief and learns a lesson.

  • लंबू जरफ क जन्मदन: This story is about a giraffe named Lambu who celebrates his birthday with his friends in Champakvan. He brings a lot of toffees to share with them. But Bhura monkey steals all the toffees and replaces them with spiders. When Lambu opens the box to distribute the toffees, he gets scared and embarrassed. His friends laugh at him and make fun of him.

  • गर बंदरय क लंब पूंछ: This story is about a white monkey named Gori who has a long tail that she is very proud of. She likes to show off her tail to everyone and thinks that she is the most beautiful animal in Champakvan. Bhura monkey gets jealous of her and decides to teach her a lesson. He ties her tail to a stool and when she tries to get up, the stool follows her. She feels ashamed and runs away crying.

  • भलू सर क खुजल: This story is about a bear named Bhalu who is the math teacher of Champakvan school. He is very strict and scolds Bhura monkey for not doing his homework. Bhura monkey gets angry and decides to take revenge on him. He rubs some itching leaves on Bhalu sir's seat and when he sits on it, he starts scratching himself all over. He feels very uncomfortable and irritated.

  • संगत के टचर क बेसुर गन: This story is about a music teacher who sings very sweetly and teaches the students of Champakvan school how to sing. She is very kind and gentle and everyone likes her. But Bhura monkey does not like her because he thinks that she favors Gori monkey more than him. He calls her besura (out of tune) and makes fun of her singing. He also tries to spoil her voice by giving her some sour candies.

  • कलूरम गरल्ल क ऑपरेशन: This story is about a gorilla named Kaluram who is the doctor of Champakvan hospital. He is very smart and skilled and saves many lives with his operations. He also operates on Bhura monkey when he gets injured in the accident and saves his life. He tells Bhura monkey that he owes his life to Lambu giraffe who brought him to the hospital on time.

  • पूस नर्स क मेहनत: This story is about a cat named Pusi who is the nurse of Champakvan hospital. She works very hard and takes care of all the patients with love and care. She also helps Kaluram gorilla in his operations and gives medicines and injections to the patients. She also nurses Bhura monkey back to health and makes him feel comfortable.

  • भूर बंदर क प्रयश्चत: This story is about how Bhura monkey realizes his mistakes and apologizes to everyone whom he has hurt or troubled with his pranks. He feels sorry for his actions and promises to never repeat them. He also thanks Lambu giraffe, Kaluram gorilla, and Pusi nurse for saving his life and helping him recover. He becomes a good and obedient student and a good friend to everyone.

  • चंपकवन क खुशहल परवर: This story is about how Champakvan becomes a happy and peaceful place after Bhura monkey changes his behavior. All the animals live in harmony and friendship with each other. They celebrate festivals, play games, and have fun together. They also respect their teachers, elders, and nature. They learn new things and grow in wisdom and knowledge.

If you want to read these stories in Hindi full pdf 11, you can download them from the link below:

You can also subscribe to Champak magazine in Hindi or any other language from the link below:

We hope you enjoy reading these stories and learn some valuable lessons from them. Champak stories are not only entertaining but also inspiring and enlightening. They teach us how to be good human beings and good citizens of the world.

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