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Minecraft Pvp Arena Download Schematic

Coming in at rank #50 is a really cool StarWars inspired build. This build contains a detailed exterior which makes a perfect decoration for a space-themed server, or just for a star wars fan. While lacking any real use besides a decoration on your hosting for minecraft server, this build is sure to put a smile on the face of any sci-fi fan!Practicality: 5/50Aesthetics: 20/50Total: 25/100Url:

Minecraft Pvp Arena Download Schematic

Next up at rank #49 is a super awesome medieval themed house. This house would be a lovely decoration in any spawn area based on a medieval theme, or as a nice house in a towny server, although its practical use ends there. Although not the most useful for your hosting for minecraft server it was too lovely to leave out!Practicality: 5/50Aesthetics: 30/50Total: 35/100Url:

Next up we have a super cool arena for duels. While not the most visually appealing, this build works super well as a quick way to set up a small arena for your hosting for minecraft server. Try 4 player deathmatch, kind of the hill, or even capture the flag in this small, but useful arena!Practicality: 25/50Aesthetics: 10/50Total: 35/100Url:

Coming in at the number 47 spot is a beautiful build by Ethaerith of a mythical building dubbed Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Valhalla was a grand hall in the afterlife rules over by Odin and this build portrays it perfectly! Despite its stunning quality and attention to detail, you may find it hard to use as anything but decoration on your hosting for minecraft server. Practicality: 5/50Aesthetics: 30/50Total: 35/100Url:

Next up in the #46 spot, we have a super cute treehouse! This is a perfect spot to hide an easter egg, or just to add a cute little touch to a forest area, or even in your garden! Go back and relive your childhood fantasies of that treehouse you had in your hosting for minecraft server with this super quaint build.Practicality: 10/50Aesthetics: 30/50Total: 40/100Url:

Next up in the #43 slot we have a Weirwood tree from game of thrones for your best minecraft server hosting! This lovely build is perfect for any GoT fan, or just as a cool cosmetic piece for any fantasy server. The inside is hollow too, perhaps you could hide an easter egg inside?Practicality: 20/50Aesthetics: 25/50Total: 45/100Url:

Coming in at rank 42 is a build sure to warm the heart of any space fan. We have a replica space shuttle! This build perfectly shows the magnitude of this amazing spacecraft and is a perfect addition to any space/sci-fi best minecraft server hosting and will make any NASA fan super excited to see (Me included!)Practicality: 10/50Aesthetics: 35/50Total: 45/100Url:

Next in line is this super cool pair of castles connected by an old looking bridge. This build is super pleasing to the eye with amazing attention to detail. The two separate buildings and the bridge makes this the perfect build to run capture the flag events, and do them in style on your best minecraft server hosting!Practicality: 15/50Aesthetics: 30/50Total: 45/100Url:

Next in line is this simple starting skyblock island. While definitely not as stunning as prior items on the list, this island will definitely spice up your skyblock cheap minecraft server hosting as it looks vastly better than most islands that come with your skyblock plugin of choice, which is why it ranks at #37!Practicality: 40/50Aesthetics: 10/50Total: 50/100Url:

Next up we have another old, but super cool build, with this built being submitted late 2013. This build is a circular pvp arena boasting 4 detailed biomes to host minigames or kitpvp matches! This arena is perfect for games of capture the flag with its 4 distinct zones and central area, or perhaps a game of KOTH? The possibilities are vast and expansive with this build!Practicality: 30/50Aesthetics: 40/50Total: 70/100Url:

At rank #5 we have this amazing skywars/bedwars map. This map is for 8 player skyways/bedwars and like the previous bedwars entry on our list is ready to plug and play with your minigame plugin of choice. The detail on these islands is incredible and will make playing minigames on your server a joy and beat the competition with this stunning arena!Practicality: 40/50Aesthetics: 45/50Total: 85/100Url:

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