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The Secrets of Dream Yoga and Natural Light: A Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Beyond

Doing more dream yoga, or accessing the luminous matrix mind of dreaming, are activities that can destroy life. Alans own yogis, the one-hundredth and ninety-ninth, have to balance the good with the bad. Alan says, It seems crazy, but we dont cut off the hands that were born with. We retain the opposites, and try to balance them. Its an auspicious occasion to integrate and go beyond ordinary experience. Im not worried about freaking out. Im not so worried about being scared. Im not so worried about being dumbfounded. Im not so worried about one-third of myself.

Dream Yoga And The Practice Of Natural Light.pdf

Most people interpret dreams in a negative way, attributing their dreams to things like stress and wrong thinking. The reality is that everything in our dreams, including the earth, other people, animals and our own bodies, are dream figures. If we can learn to regard these figures as self-illusions, which are part of our own mind, we can more easily see through the usual dreams. Then, rather than go out and kill our enemies or fly away to a new planet, we can use our dream time for learning to cultivate wisdom, make positive changes in our lives, and so forth. In this book, Chgyal Namkhai Norbu shows us how to use dream practice to achieve this kind of result. In this dream practice, we can generate a new way of thinking about negative events. We can also learn to alter how we relate to certain people and situations, to increase our ability to tolerate loneliness, to dissolve our negative views of others, to cease harming others, and so forth. In a sense, we can learn how to disarm our negative tendencies in the dream state. By trying this method of dream practice, people find that they become more self-aware, more effective in their daily life, and much more at peace. Dream Yoga And The Practice Of Natural Light.pdf Dream yoga is not meant to last long. If we stay in the dream state for too long, well eventually drift off to sleep, and then wake up. What happens when we dont wake up quickly, and how can we learn to do so more skillfully? This book shows us how to do exactly that. We can learn to maintain our dream consciousness for long periods of time, and to come out of the dream state at any moment. This is known as lucid dreaming. Each chapter in this book illustrates different ways to learn to do this. As we read about the authors experiences, and try these methods in our own practice, we learn how to master lucid dreaming. (b)2012 Great Ocean Road Press

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