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Maratonci Trce Pocasni Krug: A Masterpiece of Black Comedy and Social Criticism

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Maratonci Trce Pocasni Krug Free


[ userinfo livejournal userinfo ] [ archive journal archive ] Maratonci trče počasni krug (The Marathon Family) (1982) - Slobodan Šijan[Dec. 22nd, 200808:32 pm]KolaŽ [TagsMaratonci trče počasni krug, Slobodan Šijan][Current Location r][Current Music The Streets-It's Too Late]Few Serbian films stand up to the standards expected from the Western cinema, but this one cannot be overpraised: everything that's already been said here is true, and then some! A masterpiece in the purest sense of the word.The Serbs say this is the best Serbian film ever made, which I think underestimates it -- it may be the best film anyone made in the 1980s. Released in 1982, when Yugoslavia was a functioning state, rather than international shorthand for murder and genocide, it casts a baleful look backward that becomes, in the light of all the subsequent blood, almost unbearably poignant and prophetic. It would be too much if it weren't constantly, brutally laugh-out-loud funny -- funny even in subtitles, funny as slapstick and deeply classically comic at the same time.It is set in the 1930s in a backwater small town in Serbia, where the Topalovic family has its funeral home.. Topalovic women "fade away like flowers" immediately after bearing a boy while the men live on and on -- creating the Marathon reference in the title. In an effervescent scene we meet six generations of Topalovic men, each one of whom mercilessly beats and bullies the younger ones. The film centers on the youngest, the tall and none-too-bright Mirko, lover of movies and Cristina, piano player at the town's movie house and daughter of the local gangster Billy Python, who supplies the Topalovic home with used coffins dug up and emptied of their previous occupants.The action revolves around three events: the death of the very oldest Topalovic, the desire of Mirko's imbecilic, cowardly and conniving father Lucky to break up the Mirko-Cristina affair and -- and this is resoundingly delicious -- the arrival of sound film in the town, putting Cristina out of a job.The writer, Dusan Kovacevic adapted the script from his own play, and director Slobodan Sijan gets an amazingly good ensemble cast of actors to run the machinery in high gear, flat out. It starts dark and gets darker with crematorium jokes ("the wave of the future"), vintage silent Yugoslav film commercials and clips, and slides, laughing more and more wildly, into violence that flies out of control The tie to what happened to Serbia only a few years later spins the movie up another level. That the tie is not accidental is underlined by the opening sequence -- newsreel footage of the assassination in France of the King of Serbia in the early 20s. The wonderful musical theme, raucous and melancholy at the same time is by Zoran Simjanovic. You don't know me, but do yourself a favor and see this one.thnx to _trce_pocasni.part01.rar _trce_pocasni.part02.rar _trce_pocasni.part03.rar _trce_pocasni.part04.rar _trce_pocasni.part05.rar _trce_pocasni.part06.rar _trce_pocasni.part07.rar _trce_pocasni.part08.rar _trce_pocasni.part09.rar _trce_pocasni.part10.rar _trce_pocasni.part11.rareng subs: __english__-_syncro.rar Link

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